Here are some photos of projects which are implemented in this Lab. These modules are used in Principles of Electronics, Principles of Electrical Engineering and Digital Lab. For some of the modules, there is a brief explanation.


The four following modules are used to help students in electronics lab to perfectly understand different types of feedback circuits. In the lab students, by doing some experiments on these modules, attempt to find open loop gain, feedback gain and input and output resistance.


08 SHSH07 SRSH06 SHSR10 AP11 POT2_211 FILT

The two following modules have been implemented for Digital Lab.

Clock generator

13 PG_214 FPGA Swich

The four following modules have been implemented for Analog Lab in order to illustrate the concept of amplification and general types of amplifiers. The students in this lab should do some tests on these modules to determine the type of each amplifier A-D. Furthermore, the students should measure input and output resistance, and voltage or current gain depending on the type of amplifiers.04 AD02 AB03 AC01 AA