The Emerging Field of Biomedical Engineering

One of the fastest growing fields, Biomedical Engineering is known to be the engineering field of the future. This video describes a variety of different career opportunities within the field, and interviews different biomedical engineers, who explain why they are so passionate about their careers. [Read More…]

World’s Smallest Diode Is Made of DNA

Scientists have now created what they say is the world’s smallest diode, one the size of a single (rather short) molecule of a DNA. This work could help spur development of DNA components for molecular electronics, its creators claim. [Read More…]

Injectable Radios to Broadcast From Inside the Body

Implantable medical devices usually have to trade smarts for size. Pacemakers and other active devices with processors on board are typically about a cubic centimeter in size, and must be implanted surgically. Smaller implantable electronics tend to be passive, lacking computing smarts and the ability to actively broadcast signals, says David Blaauw, a professor of electrical engineer and computer science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. [Read More…]

Smart Wearable Sensor Takes Sweat-Monitoring To Next Level

Sweat might not be pleasant but it contains dozens of chemical compounds whose concentrations change in real time, compounds that could reveal your body’s response to disease, drugs, diet, injury, and stress, among other things. To tap into that treasure-trove of information, researchers have built a wearable sensor that measures levels of specific molecules in sweat and then wirelessly relays the data to a smartphone via a Bluetooth module. [Read More…]

Paper Skin Mimics the Real Thing

Human skin’s natural ability to feel sensations such as touch and temperature difference is not easily replicated with artificial materials in the research lab. That challenge did not stop a Saudi Arabian research team from using cheap household items to make a “paper skin” that mimics many sensory functions of human skin. [Read More…]